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Operation of interior drainage facilities

Works operation and maintenance of sewerage facilities is carried inland by the building's mechanical maintenance of industrial and civil works respective.These  refers to two main elements of industry:
-Sanitary, taking on water during the washing process in consumption.
Inner-ducts that channel the wastewater to the outside network.

Operation of sanitary
On the inner walls of pipes and siphons to drain sinks, baths, bidets, sinks, dish washers and washing alibi to make soap and grease from wastewater evacuate.With time, these materials storage reduces water crossing section used, adding or preventing leakage and unpleasant odors emitted by decomposing, sometimes toxic. As a result of sanitary drains are cleaned regularly (once every three months) with a mixture of hot water and caustic soda dissolved. In order to obtain a good cleaning deposit is required to apply it suddenly every sanitary, about 5 liters of this mixture
Cleaning the siphons and cleaning the sewer connection at the column are made using the drain plug or by removing the access cover of the trap and entering a spiral of wire stretched from end with a wire brush.
If the cleaning result of materials storage  that can not drain naturally, uses a jet from the shower heads with thick rubber gasket, which is placed either on the overflow pipe, valve leakage or whose connection to the sanitary broach.Sanitary  special brush to clean the toilet, to have access in areas where limestone materiale storage occur during operation.

Operation of internal sewer pipes
Installed drainage network apparently hidden or buried in niches check periodically during operation to determine the long tube defects leakage.For networks apparently fitted closely enough visual inspection, performed by local illumination tubes.                Tubes mounted or buried niches are in control by tracking any moisture spots marked on the walls. A method that can give some indication of leaks in pipes, is commissioning a number of known and follow sanitary sewage flow captured by horizontal collectors.
In the columns of sewage spills reported staining mask PVC pipes will first examine the ramifications of expansion joints and the column.
The most frequent fault lines consist of internal drains clogged clogging occurred lor.Place which determine what floor observing the discharge of water occurs in objects as the objects always defect which produces the repression. Cleaning is executed with a steel wire whose thickness depends on the diameter of the pipe to be sloppy.                 Cleaning wire to bend again and twist is inserted in the tube clean piece.

Nominal diameter in mm drainage pipe
Wire thickness of sloppy


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