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Project: Housing S + P +1
Commune: ... ... County: ....
Beneficiary: ...
Total Land:
Phase: DTAC
Category of work: Plant health

1. General
This technical documentation to solve the phase DTAC plumbing single family home   S+ P+1 E
The building will be equipped with sanitary requirements to ensure comfort, functionality and safety in accordance with the rules in vigoarte.
When adopting the technical solution has been considered requirements:
  • Strength, stability and reliability
  • Fire Safety
  • Reliability
  • Hygiene, health and environmental

2.Existing situation
Place  where property is located for housing is located in the county ... the village .... In the area there is no sewerage system and water network.

  La baza intocmirii proiectului au stat urmatoarele normative , standarde si documente de referinta :
      -     Architectural plans and resistance
-          Location map
-         Indicative I9-94 “Standard for the design and execution of sanitary installations”
-         STAS 1478-90.Supply with civil and industrial water
-         STAS1795-86 sanitary plant; Drainage
-         Law 10/1995 Quality construction
-         Law  307/2006 privind apararea impotriva incendiilor
-         Product catalog product Romstal  Catalogul  Romstal
-         Product catalog Valrom
-         General rules of Occupational Medicine
-         General rules of provision and fire protection approved by Order 191381/04.03.94 published in the Official Gazette, Part I. nr.132
-     NP 086-05 normative regulations regarding the design, implementation and  operation of fire
      -     Certificatul de urbanism nr

Under the theme, the building is for housing and is equipped with 3 bathrooms equipped with sinks, baths, bidet and WC, with reservations on seminaltime.
The kitchen is fitted a washer, a washing machine and a dish washing machine.
The theme of the beneficiary along with the architect asked to adopt a scheme of cold drinking water from a well located behind caseila 10 meters, according to the plan of the situation, was asked the same theme and hot water which is prepared by a boiler located in the boiler.
They result from the calculation of the necessary water and drinking water flows:
Qday environment  = 1.22mc/ day
Qday maximum   = 1.43mc/day
Cold water supply is made to put out a ministatie pump that is a pressure booster plant (tank, water pump and well pump). Through HDPE pipe type.Supply hot water in the boiler will be located in the boiler, which uses hot water heat that prepared it.By ghenele common routes will be mounted columns of cold, warm and sewerage.Columns are provided with sewer manholes.Shaft before being connected to the pump and pressure boosting will be deznisipat and are water samples to determine drinking water.The choice of pump is put on the difference between the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic of the water column and flow calculation.The choice of pump is pumping plant flow calculation determining the pump and mounting heights required when starting and stopping the pump ..Sanitary and fittings for the beneficiary will get the designer contest but as his options.Wastewater collection is in three columns Single-bathroom located on the ground floor, and then be connected to two homes, located in the green space where they will be disposed of in an external network in ministatia treatment capacity of 3000 liter aeration activated sludge continues and equipped with drainage system. Discharges from washing machine, dishwasher and dish washer is connected to column 3 of domestic waste water sewage..Interior drains are PP and sewer pipes outside the building to the outside network homes mounted to the treatment plant will be PVC-KG.Slopes Installation of sewer collectors are the minimum stipulated in STAS 1795-90 .Roof truss roof rainwater from building roofs and alleys are run through metal gutters drain slopes provided by construction and the storm drains will be led CPA to single channel type. If the route changes direction and points outside sewer connection with drainage, manholes are made according to STAS 2448, covered with cast iron cover with frame Underground sewerage pipes will be installed on a layer of sand picture of 10 cm below the freezing. Ditch will be filled on a height of 30 cm above the generator tube leak all sand and then arranged to share land with earth filling to make chopped vegetable.Compaction on the filling height is done manually, avoiding damage to the tubes. Execution will be considering the two binding rates:                                                                                                            Share of home connection and share the connection out of the building is 110mm, the slope indicated the sewerage pipe is 200mm and Dn = 0.008 mm/m.
This slope can be reduced up to i = 0.006mm / m if necessary. The pipeline connection assembly De110 mm of the slab concrete ground floor will consider its exit from the building as its share is as high as possible to ensure slope outside sewer pipe Dn 200 mm and its connection to external network .

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