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Air handling units with modular sections
Units for centralised systems
Aermec engineering design skills can be seen at their best in the sector of air handling units for centralised systems.
Aermec offers a complete range of water chillers and heat pumps from domestic units to large scale equipment for the tertiary sector.The cooling capacity range is vast from 3kw to 1200 kw and configurations are endless using screw or rotary compressors as well as alternative traditional compressors.
Care taken in material selection and all assembly parts together with a vast selection of accessories complete the product range for this sector making Aermec units for centralised systems a real must in the world of climatisation throughout Italy and Europe.Aermec adheres to the EUROVENT Certification Programe.The products concerned appear in the EUROVENT Certified Products Guide.
Air handling units 24 sizes with double skinned enclosure panels 50mm in thickness.
Load bearing structure in aluminium profiles and panels in galvanized steel,Peralluman or stainless steel.
Wide range of sections and components to meet the requirements of all applications.
Double suction radial fans with forward curved or backward inclined blades for low medium or high pressures.
Fan-motor assembly mounted in anti-vibration system inside the relative module section.
Water direct expansion steam or electric coils.Normal and heat recovery sections of various types double coil ,cross flow,rotary.
Sections for flat roll bag absolute or activated carbon filters..
Available for single zone multi-zone and double duct systems.
Panels are secured to the frame without screws special locking profiles exert uniform pressure on the full length of the sealing gasket .
Single speed or two-speed motors.

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