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High-efficiency pump - WILO


Easy service
Optional remote control monitor with Wilo - IR remote query functions pumps.

Use flexible
Universal use in heating, air conditioning and cooling.
Temperature range is between -10 ° C ÷ 110 ° C. The specific interface for managing Wilo pumps with 2 rotors without external control panels.
Upgrade optional IF modules disconnected for building automation systems and networks linking the LON.

Wilo-Stratos-Z is used as high-efficiency pump circulation systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial buildings and large buildings such as residential housing, apartment buildings, residential complexes, hospitals, schools, administrative buildings, homes, pensions. Applications for heating Glandless pumps, the system ensures permanent control. In all recycling facilities, provision of enough heat to avoid noise in the system and reduce energy costs important.
Because of their corrosion-resistant casing, bronze, Wilo pumps are particularly suitable for installations in which oxygen is possible training facilities such as underfloor heating with heating surfaces of plastic pipe.

Insulation for heating
To avoid heat loss through the pump housing series with a single rotor pump Wilo-Stratos series is provided with thermal insulation shells.
The material used is polypropylene PP plastic with ecological compatibility, thermal stability up to 120 ° C., reaction to fire class B2 according to DIN 4102 ie normal flammable. According to PSI in Germany normally flammable materials can be used in space heating installations if they meet a minimum distance of 20cm from the outbreak

Hydraulic efficiency of the engine and determine the total efficiency of a pump
Both components could be coupled to pumps. Wilo-Stratos pumps in comparison to today glandless used in construction and related equipment through them could be imbunatatite.Prin appear savings compared to conventional pumps.
The annual energy consumption ECM technology can be greatly reduced.

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