marți, 1 noiembrie 2011


Split system heat pumps.Wall installation with capacities from 2 to 3 kw with Plasmacluster filter
Plasmacluster ionising filter
Plasmacluster is capable of reducing the level of pollutants by decomposing the molecules that form them.
Can work as a heat pump reversing the cooling cycle and controlling defrosting.
Cooling function with water based condensing unit.
Heat pump models with cooling cycle inversion operation and defrost control.
Three speed cross flow fan.
Rotary compressor
Very quiet operation
Infrared remote handset with LCD display for full control of all appliance functions.
Microprocessor control
Timer for hourly operation programming and timer On LED.
Self diagnostics function.
Air outlet deflectors with horinzontal adjustment facility.

Easily removable washable air filter with anti-mould treatment

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