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Canal compact DBE

Instant comfort quiet as a mause.Hidden.But ablaze with fire. Canal compact DBE will provide you with instant warmth and comfort.A stylish grid covers up the DBE technology with power that will effortlessly take on any space,just like that.Right mow.Guaranteed heat for your comfort.

Energy saving The modern Low-H2O elements from Jaga were designed for a low boller temperature with their low water volume and high coefficient of heat conduction for a low supply temperature they are perfect for use in combination with underfloor heating.They react immediately when extra heat in needed and cool very quickly when a pleasant comfort temperature has been reached.This means energywasting further is avoided and there are no further temperature fluctuations.

Even comfort temperature
The downward cold air flow associated with glazed partitions often causes discomfort.Canal Plus ensures a warm air curtain : the cold air layer from the glass and the cold air on the floor are drawn in heated and mixed with the warmer upper air so a balanced and even comfort temperature is achieved.

The optional flexible connection makes the Low-H2O heat exchanger detachable without disconnecting the central heating system.The anthracite grey ,dirt-repellent paint coating on the complete interior also enables fast and thorough maintenance is no time at all even while in operation.

Canal Compact is provided with a top coating as standard .This extra process guarantees the complete water tightness of the duct.

Minimum installation time
The unit is pre-assembled and delivered as a single piece strong construction.
This makes the Canal Compact DBE installation friendly innovations.

Low-H2O heat exchanger
Of pure copper and aluminium totally noncorosive.
A 30 year guarantee
Pressure tested 20 bar
Efficient because rapid heating up speed due to super low water content.

High efficiency boiler combination
Thanks to its low water content and high coefficient of heat conduction for low flow temperatures Low-H2O element is ideal to use with combination and high efficiency condensing boilers and condensation technolpgy.

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