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These are environmentally friendly condensing boilers and boiler built. Possessed a modern and elegant with a combination of design, technology and functionality inspired. the top. The display is backlit liquid crystal, always visible, allows viewing all the basic information on the operation and set temperatures for heating and hot water, the actual temperature of the heating circuit, instantaneous power supplied, the operation or possible fault codes. It has a stylish control panel that allows setting of all operating parameters in a simple and intuitive. Possess an advanced electronics that allows setting the desired temperature or the functioning summer - winter is limited to pressing a button and turning the rotary selectors side, so easy exploitation. This advanced technology ensures important advantages:
Economy: central condensing gases makes reduced consumption by 30% annually which translates into saving money. High Efficiency: condensing power plants have higher efficiency compared with the corresponding standard models.Reduced emissions: fuel system specifically resulting reduced emissions of carbon monoxide CO and nitrogen oxides NOx.Conform European norm UNI EN 297 classification of central condensation is included in class 5, the cleanest.This plant possesses a stainless steel boiler with hot water reserves exhausted by hard always available at the desired temperature, allowing the plant to ensure the needs of many consumers simultaneously, such as the use of the shower and while several robineti.In If a prolonged hot water demands, such as filling a bath and power restoration continue to ensure trouble-free boiler water temperature, guaranteeing maximum comfort. Sanitary comfort level is covered by European standard EN 13 203 -1, which gives a maximum rating of 3 stars.Among the most significant parameters are the waiting time to supply hot water and the temperature stabilization time.
ZEUS Superior kW VICTRIX stations can be connected with a range of optional accessories for thermoregulation Immergas climate whereby Super Amico Remote Control and external probe, which guarantees comfort and reduce environmental consumption. Super Amico Remote Control allows you to set the desired room temperature on two levels, comfort and low, and can also provide daily depending on the program's operation in sanitar.Gama regime has a 4-star energy efficiency.


Modulating heating power 32 kW ÷ 4.7 Stainless steel condensing mode
Liquid crystal display backlight Circulantie modulating pump
Reduced emissions Adjustable bypass circuit heating
Stainless steel boiler 54 litri The electronic board with microprocessor
Classification comfort 3 stars Electronic ignition and modulation
Recirculation Kit Crono-weekly digital thermostat
Additional expansion vessel Super Amico Remote Control
External probe Kit recirculare cu pompa

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