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Submersible pumps for wells 4 "
Submersible multistage centrifugal pump for wells 4 "or higher that allows a wide range of flow rates and pumping heights find a wide range of application to lifting pressure distribution and hydraulic pressurization in civil use as well as industrial, supply vessels hidrofore and tanks, anti fire and washing facilities. Constructive parameters:
Support base and upper filter valve built retaining the technopolymer resin. Cable insulated with plastic. Submersible electric motor asynchronous with two poles, made of stainless steel AISI304.
Stator embedded in synthetic resin with high quality dielectric placed in an airtight stainless steel casing.
Capacitor and meter protection with manual reset in the painting of furniture amploasate standardpentru single-phase version. For three-phase version is done by the beneficiary protection.
Complete with CONTROL BOX, 30m electric cable. Range: 0.2 to 6 / hcu a head of up to 230 m water column.
Characteristics of pumped liquid: clean, solids or abrasive chemically neutral,
Liquid temperature 0 º C to 40 º C.
Degree of Protection: IP58
Provided through the Romstal

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