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SELF-PRIMING centrifugal pump with excellent suction capacity even when there are air bubbles or small particles of sand in the water.
Mainly used for domestic water supply installations.
Ideal for use in small scale agriculture and gardening, limited industrial services and wherever self loading operations are required.
Technopolymer pump body and motor housing presiune.Rotor cast aluminum, diffuser, Venturi tube and capacetans of technopolymer.
Stainless steel disc pressure. Carbon-ceramic mechanical seal.
Induction motor, closed and cooled by external ventilation.
Rotor mounted on ball bearings, lubricated, oversized, sealed for life to ensure quiet operation and exceptional reliability.
Thermal and electrical protection and a capacitor built for single-phase version.
To protect the motor phase is recommended to use suitable protection against overload according to regulations.
Provided through the Romstal
Range: 0.6 ÷ 5.4m3/hcu pumping height to 54 m water column.
Characteristics of pumped liquid: clean, solids or abrasive chemically neutral,
Liquid temperature -10 ° C ÷ 35 º C for domestic use
Maximum depth of 8m Suction
Maximum operating pressure 600kPa respective 6bar
Engine protection: IP55protectia panel connections and IP44
Insulation class F

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