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Chapter I

Good evening

A culture of technologye
Jaga breaks through the boundaries of traditional thinking.With innovative technologies that heat better,faster,cleaner,more healthily and are more environmentally friendly.With rebel concepts that envolve into innovative product lines : energy savers,top performers and eye catchers.

A culture of aesthetics
Jaga brings design to the concept of heating.It brings pleasure to the eye and to the senses.By using innovative materials and production techniques a brand new design language emerges.The aesthetic aspect of each radiator elevates it from the status of an objectto a work of art.

A culture of dynamism
Jaga is alive.Jaga is working towards a better world.With a corporate culture of durability,freedom and social responsibility.
Jaga’s Top Performers are even more economic provide even more comfort and manage to limit emissions even better.But above all they are smaller.The intelligent microprocessors and high-tech activators provide so much additional power that the radiator is considerably more compact.They swiftly boost air to the desire temperature and carefully manage your entire interior climate: heating,cooling and ensuring that healthy fresh air is availableeven free night cooling is possible.Choose the smallest and most powerful radiators.Take a look at this high-tech collection by Jaga.And enjoy all the benefits of a system of personal well-being that meets all your needs when it comes to comfort.

JAGA DBE radiators
With Dynamic Boost Effect technology Jaga introduces a new generation of intrlligent radiators that think for themselves and adapt to the environment to bring maximum comfort quicker than ever.

Compact beauty
Smaller radiators are more beautiful.The Dynamic Boost Effect significantly increases the capacity.A smaller but more powerful radiator that takes up less wall space and offers a range of stunning designs.

Maximum power
Standby ,comfort or boost,DBE intelligentiy delivers the right amount of power for your needs at the right moment.In comfort mode output is boosted by 50% and in boost mode it can be up to 250% higher.

Instant heat to the farthest angle
A DBE radiator delivers the required room temperature up to 9 times faster. DBE also guarantes better heat diffusion giving the same comfortable temperature other side of the room.

Heat up more quickly
It is only able to start heating the air once it has heated itselfs up and because it is heavy this takes a long time .Due to its power and speed DBE cuts down this energy-wasting heating up period to an absolute minimum.The heating up time is shorter the heat emission is quicker and much more efficient.

A beautiful evening!

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