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Mounting instructions for Firebox of ethylene

Mounting instructions for Firebox of ethylene

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Is digging the pit of construction will be in a later phase a hostel. Construction will pit digging so that there is a space of 20 ÷ 40 cm around what walls. . The construction pit required must be perfectly flat.
-Is put on the bottom of a pit of about 15 cm layer of sand and compaction action is made. -Preparing the necessary stuturile by simply clipping on the spot. If it is necessary to other pipelines are erected than levels that is envisioned by the hearth, the on-site holes side walls may be using a drill with a milling machine to record with 110 or 125 mm Øsealing action is made by vtrainset for the connection. -Join the bottom of the pit, the hearth using hoses attached to the grips Guide. Head of section will ensure that the home was located in stable position (perfect plana) on the bottom of the pit. So the bottom of the pit will then carefully before launching what.
-After the release of what is racordeaza and the fitting of tubes at home channel.
-Fill the space between the walls of the pit and what with layers of about 25 to 30 cm. packing material.
Each layer must be packed carefully, so as to be filled all space around what. Stuffing material with a wavy grain sand will 4/16 or earth without gravel, bricks, wooden stubs or whatever scraps of material that may damage the walls of what. The minimum degree of compaction of sand layer should be 85%.-In case you installed and superior track adjustment from 100 mm to 600 mm there must be a layer of filling 20 up to upper 80cm above the wall, depending on what the difference in height that is required to bring the Palace to share the land.Finally fill the rest of the pit with Earth. To ensure etansarea of the hearth and the song is high mounts stuffing. In addition to dropping it is necessary to have a fixation with threaded necklace. During installation it is recommended that what should be covered with a protective cap. The execution groapii building install what you need to keep in mind the norms of labor protection.
-In case the Palace is going to be in areas where the level of underground water panzei is little depth (above the level of what base) a hostel will be down on the concrete foundation according to dimensionata and hydrogeological conditions of static Earth (the thickness of the substrate must be ther resistance of Earth) and concrete partially or totally depending on the level of groundwater.
In the case of concrete action to balance the pressure exercised by what concrete poured on the walls on the inside to be supported with a sipca or filled with water. Before pouring the concrete reduced the water level by pumping concrete under the radierului..
-What Is run coverage:
If the hostel will be mounted in the space of green, necarosabila, hearth area can be covered with plastic cover temporarily, etansarea is accomplished by fitting special trainset in scobitura practiced to the upper walls of what. In case the Palace is mounted in the space of the carriageway will be fitted with a cast iron frame CAP into the appropriate category.
Cast iron lid with frame is adjustable mounts on top and fit into the concrete or reinforced concrete depending on the mounting area.

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