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Chapter II

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Less after heating
Is the room approaching the required temperature.DBE radiator5s cleverly reduce their output in time.Radiators stubbornly continue to pump out heat until they cool down,taking to much time and wasting energy.A house with DBE annually emits almost a ton CO2 less.

Less energy,less CO2
Using lees energy benefits the environment.An average house with DBE emits almost a ton CO2 less every year. CO2 emissions are the chief cause of global warming and anything that cuts emissions must be good.

Kyopto norms approaching
CO2 is given off by the burning of fossil fuels like oil fuel or natural gas.Your central heating produces a lot of greenhouse gasses.The Kyopto agreements want to prevent environmental pollution by decreasing the CO2 emissions.DBE radiators bring that goal nearer.

LOW -H2O and DBE
The best of both worlds
The advances LOW -H2O heat exchanger linked to revolutionary DBE technology.The best static heating system linked to a new intelligent dynamic engine.The DBE unit contains high tech mini thermal activators and is microprocessor controlled .This combinations guarantees higher heating capacity faster reactions times and more economical operation..

Intelligent control
DBE’ sensors constantly measure the temperature in the room and that of the water in the radiator. The temperature falls below the programmed lower limit.then the microprocessor immediately sends a signal to the DBE units which then silently increase the heat emission.With the desired temperature in sight the heat emission is automatically reduced.

Jaga DBE radiators
An ingenious system with an extremely easy service.

Intelligent radiator
Jaga programs the microprocessor complete. The microprocessor continuously measures and processes the temperature of the room and the water in the radiator.This way it recognizes the switch from night to day program and delivers extra heat just when you need it.
The normal static capacity of the Low- H2O radiator without the assistance of DBE is sufficient to keep the room up to temperature.
The complete appliance including DBE comes in a single pack.Mini and Knockonwood freestanding are also fully preassembled including thermostatic valve.
DBE can br fitted to almost all Low- H2O radiators.If the DBE measures too low a room temperature it automatically switches to confort mode.In this mode it will accelerate heating by gradually increasing the capacity relative to the measured temperature up to a maximum of 150% of the static capacity.
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