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Solid fuel boilers / gasification. It is a wood-fired boiler operating.
Orlan is equipped with a combustion chamber consists of two compartments separated by a refractory concrete .
Room at the top is both time and fuel loading compartment and wood gasification chamber.
Air is introduced by a variable speed fan modulated depending on the temperature difference between flow and return.
Primary air flow from top to bottom allows burning wood mass with high efficiency.
The air is deliberately insufficient deliberately for correct combustion.
In this way produce wood gas passing through the nozzles that are refractory concrete in plate and mixed with secondary air introduced by the same fan in the lower house this time. This mixture self-ignition at 560 º.
From the boiler room, that the main combustion chamber and ash role real burning occurs and the mixture obtained in this spot temperatures of 1200 ° C.
Combustion gases are discharged through vertical steel pipes immersed in water and directed to discharge from the flue gas. The chimney gas temperature drops to 240 ° C.
The boiler is equipped with an array of automation to manage the operation and control of pump and fan.
The boiler includes a fireplace accessories, tools for cleaning inside the boiler, fill valve, the temperature controller for controlling the flow of air in boiler fuel pump Lemons and control traffic in central heating system.
To protect against overheating in all situations such as power failure or malfunction thermostat, the boiler is equipped with a cooling coil to be connected to the drinking water via a thermostatic valve or equivalent type Caleffi.
Advantages: high efficiency range of 6 to 12 depending on humidity and orein woods, overtemperature protection or temperature drops below the minimum allowable heating, automatic power modulation depending on the need for heating, the fan is controlled electronically depending on the temperature regime of the water and inside temperatures.

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