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Giacomini company was founded in 1951 and is one of the largest factories and radiators robinetide crossing from Italy. It is the second largest producer of valves from Italy after Caleffi. It is a brand known for its high quality products. . All the products we carry are in line with European standard. Giacomini valves have a reliability of at least 40% higher than those made according europene.GIACOMINI offers maximum safety standards in facilities sealing because it presents 6 elements:

2 gaskets PTEE
2 rings a ring type
Two anti-friction PTFE rings

The rod is inserted inside which makes valves to withstand large variations in pressure systems. Dado issues of closing type - Patent Giacomini, square type, which allows obtaining large volumes of fluid with low turbulence and limited deposition of crusts or impurities that can reduce handling and sealing capacity of the system. Mounting rod inside anti handling, allows the R910 to be used in networks both internal and external gas distribution buildings.

All products have the warranty Q AVR which is the guarantee of collective mark may only have Italian manufacturers of valves and valve best quality issued by the AVR. Giacomini company is a production company with research and development capacity design, manufacture, inspection, sales and after sales support.

R 910 series valves have total crossing
This series is sold exclusively by Romstal in Romania. The form was designed to reduce the places of mechanical friction, lubrication maintenance sphere as much as possible, extend the life of the sphere, the opportunity to work at high pressures and high temperatures. R910 Series has a warranty of 6 years. I recommend 100% for potable water. Giacomini pass valves range recommended for water and gas is one of the most comprehensive range offered by European manufacturers. Giacomini Valves are provided with warranty seal type hologram pins identifying the lot to which they belong. It is a brand of super premium quality. Giacomini production facilities allow very strict control in terms of chemical composition of the valve which is the European standard UNI EN 165 CW316N 1Z. The content of lead in chemical composition is strictly controlled valves Giacomini because it directly influences the characteristics of drinking water. R910 Series products are compact but a very high strength and is an ideal solution for installations where there are high demands of pressure, temperature or mechanical. The materials used to manufacture o-rings and gaskets allow use in secure conditions, in cold water systems, hot gas, oil, compressed air, gasoline, diesel fuel, glycol, mineral oils, methanol dry saturated steam.

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