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Chapter III

Good evening

Knockonwood DBE

The first wooden radiator.Defining new standards in heat.Its playful curve is simply irresistible its performance simply amazing .Right down to its DBE core.Wood has never been so tot but then again never has a radiator been this natural.

The wooden covers are finished with a scratch resistant polyurethane varnish gloss degree 40%.High UV resistance.
Metal parts sandblast grey metallic.
The valves and its connections are concealed within the standard casing.
The surface temperature of the casing always remains safe even at a water temperature of 90ºC.Complies with the safety requirement DHSS DN4.
The casing can be removed for decorating a 10 year guarantee.

Low-H2O heat exchanger
Of pure copper and aluminium totally non corrosive
Pressure tested 20bar
With dirt repellent and dust- proof lacquer in graphite grey.
High heat output achieved with normal and lower flow temperatures.
Efficient : very fast heating up speed due to super low water content.
The optimal combination of convection radiation and dynamic activators.

High efficiency boiler combination
Thanks to its low water content and high coeffient of heat conduction for low flow temperatures,the Knockonwood with its modern Low-H2O element is ideal to use in combination with high efficiency boilers and/or condensing technology.

Twin Power
Knockonwood DBE is also available with the super powered Twin heat exchangers.The boiler temperature is on average 25% lower for equivalent radiator dimensions.

Electric connection
Plug and socket outlet to be provided behind the casing or immediately within easy reach of the radiator.

For easy cleaning of the underside of the Low-H2O heat exchanger without detaching the casing.

A beautiful evening!

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