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Specific works of sewerage inside wiring

Mounting the horizontal collectors.
Installation is apparently horizontal collectors and / or buildings that ingropat.In technical basement drainage tubes are mounted on the console and apparently metal bracelets.
If buildings are not technically basement, but have normal land, installation will run horizontal drain fitting collectors buried in the ground floor under the floor.
If the land is that is sensitive to macroscopic softening when installing horizontal drain collector under floor ground floor will be executed in concrete channels for interventions and controls.
Problems that must necessarily resolved in horizontal pipes during installation:
1. compliance specified in the project drainage slope
2. Verifications correspondence between the share of output and the pipeline of building sewers outward.
Horizontal collectors are placed at the bottom of the sewer plant and are therefore the first sewerage pipes in the facility that is installed, taking into account any building that runs from the bottom up
After collecting pipe will be installed and final column connections to sanitary, so installation will be done in reverse flow.
The horizontal collector in each column will be set right many a branch which connects the vertical columns and collector drain. The collectors are mounted branches, parts cleaning and elbows. Branches connected to the collector columns. Connection column will run with branches with angle of 45 °, thus eliminating the danger of clogging is because once installed can not walk the ramifications.
Branches are allowed only in exceptional cases with the angle of 70 ° (67 ° 30 '- if the material is PP). In this case, the main pipeline after each branch is mounted a tube placed in cleaning manholes. Because branches clogging double favors they will not use the horizontal collector. Elbows and reducers are mounted to respective section lines change direction. Collector pipe bends should be as broad, no changes will provide greater steering angles of 45 °.

Installing sewerage columns
Columns is connected to the branch pipe collectors at 45 ° or T collectors mounted on the pipe. Spare parts cleaning is I see every two levels but required at first and on the top floor. For buried beneath the plaster columns or masked in rabit let opportunity at lid bottled cleaning. Spare parts cleaning mounted on column is locates at 800 mm above the finished floor of the stage, this way if the column desfundarii, no flood water leakage through the floor cleaning tube and you can navigate in the object column in the veterinary ramificatie. In case of such ducts, roof mounted collectors under the subsoil, tube cleaning on the ground floor serves as the conduit for colon and collectors. Optimum position of attachment of the bracelet in which they are attached columns is less than the tube, where, due to the shape of the well pipe fitted bracelet.

The installation of links to drain of sanitary objects
Links for drainage of sanitary objects to the columns can be mounted as follows:
-along the wall on which are placed in sanitary, apparently buried or concealed as constructive system or degree of comfort allows. -buried in the thickness of the floor covering solution used in the washroom. Sewer sections will be buried under the floor of the picture on a bed of sand and filling and well wetted, compacted, having regard to the position of project and slopes.
-under the planseul which is the subject of health, apparently mounted or concealed by a false beam of rabit.At the crossing of the planseelor of reinforced concrete, will use the goals envisioned by the project and of spare parts.

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