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Relazzo the terrace system from Rehau reference objects

Chapter II

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Advantages over solid-wood decking include the reduced cleaning
and maintenance required, greater durability and better dimensional
Relazzo decking is reversible, offering a choice between two different
profi led surfaces (tongue or groove).
The individual decking boards are secured using stainless steel
brackets, designed in house, ensuring simple assembly and adequate
structural stability, as well as allowing for the disassembly and reassembly
of individual boards at a later date.
All dimensions and tolerances are set out on the latest version of
the REHAU drawing
The material RAUWOOD was developed so as to ensure high dimensional
stability and profi le strength even in strong sunlight. However,
long-term exposure to direct sunlight at temperatures of over 70 °C on
the surface of the decking boards should be avoided in order to prevent
damage to the surface, as well as mechanical stress. At permanent
ambient temperatures of over 30-35 °C, the substructure spacing
should also be reduced by 10 cm depending on the installation method
WPC products warm up under the effect of heat just like any other
building material
To increase the anti-slip properties of the surface, the Relazzo profi le
is roughened with a special brushing process. Unlike solid wood or
unbrushed WPC decking boards, this gives the Relazzo profi le an
anti-slip classifi cation of R11-R12 (approval for public areas such
as shop entrances, outside steps and kitchens in shared residential
houses). Above all, this process minimises the risk of an accident on
wet profi les. The location of villas on the Black Sea villa terrace and stairs can be your dream to Relazzo.
Are practical and durable, are quality and have a design that fits in the surrounding area.
Modern villas in the mountains for a solution undeniable as terraces, stairs, flower trotoarele Relazzo tripods and elegance to ensure safety, quality and professionalism so without reproach due to climate created in good taste.
The special fi nish also strengthens the character of the wood in the
profi les. Brushing is carried out uniformly in one direction, raising
the wood particles evenly. In order to avoid an irregular look, you
should ensure that all boards are laid in the direction of brushing
visual effects (like stripes on a football pitch).
Relazzo offers great solutions!
A wonderful day!

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