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Air conditioning ACSON

Chapter II

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INVERTER technology

Thanks to inverter technology annual electricity consumption is reduced by 30%.
Following rules and EU regulations, spliturile ACSON inverter equipped with technology that precisely controls temperature, thus optimizing the operation of device sensitivity.

But summer and winter thermal comfort

Thermal comfort ACSON Spliturile both by cooling and by heating. These splituri working in heat pump mode. For their mounting brackets can be used to support.
Temperature / Time allows selection of indoor temperature or time in the programs and Sleep Timer. Surface mounting monosplit units have a high reliability in operation and use environmentally friendly R410A gas. All models work in heat pump mode.
Multi units have the advantage of dual and trial for a single compressor. (One outdoor unit)

Aesthetics are important selection criteria important. These air conditioning units have ceiling recessed ceiling cassette split. . Discharge air grille looks great and can be integrated seamlessly into the ceiling of the room, not to stand out. Air conditioner is connected to tubing flexible ACSON a fresh air intake or discharge to a grid. Internal unit has 4 way discharge (each side) with swing function on each suction way. Condensate Pump Float On / Off ensure efficient operation of the device.
This type of air conditioners are equipped with electronic thermostat, battery discharge indicator and have automatic operation.

SPLITURILE ACSON with connection to piping in the false ceiling mounting
In the case of restaurants, shops or business premises have been thought out by ACSON so you have great flexibility in mounting.
Split units have connection to piping for installation in false ceiling, can connect to an intake air fresh and make possible distribution grids that aspiration and air, depending on the geometrical characteristics of paneled room.
Device control is accomplished by means of a microprocessor with a capacity of autodiagnoza and signalling.
Microprocessor functions:
Auto restart function ensure random splitului at peak operation prior to any downtime or disruptions of tension.
Self diagnosis function ensures the position of autodiagnoza and with led signalling on the layout.

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