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Equipment for stationary lead-acid accumulators

Chapter II

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When there are mechanical ventilation should be provision for a system of blocking, which discontinue downloading light if you don't work the plant ventilation mechanics.
Downloading is completed, the occasional ventilatia mechanics is still at least 1.5 hours.
Mechanical ventilation shall be provided when batteries are loading in the same room and the airflow required exceeds three times the volume of accumulators that Q ≥ 3V where V is the volume in m3 paneled room. It will be of type ventilation through aspiration and delivery. Regardless if the ventilatia is made of natural or fresh filtered air mechanics introduced in advance and dust to make near the floor. Refularea air is opposite the main entrance, near the ceiling. When loading light produces a strong evolution of gases is the output I see holes in the air near the floor.In this case, the total output are divided as follows: 2/3 near the ceiling and 1/3 near the floor. Fresh air must circulate as much as possible on top of all the items in the room.If mechanical ventilation is necessary, it will be in the hollow. In this case it is recommended that as both the introduction and refularea forced air to make. Fans will be resistant to moisture and electrolyte. The cameras batteries should be constructed so that its inner temperature does not drop to values that are unfavourable. For lead accumulators admitted will be minimal temperature of 5 ° C ÷ 10. Usually adapt temperature of 10 ° c. The buffer for the rooms and of electrolyte is usually a natural ventilation. Scheduled air flow is 5 times the volume of paneled room. Chambers overburden electrolyte and buffer and distilled water shall be so constructed and arranged so that san u scada. below 5 ° c. . If needed, must provide the corresponding heating installation. Room room accumulators must have a sink and a water tap is connected to the network or to a tank. If there is water, the network will provide flexible and a shower. In connection with the fire protection will take the following measures:
-achievement of gym ventilation, electrical, sanitary and heating mentioned above as well as the technology of gym
-installation on the doors of the boards of accumulators of an indicator of safety "NOT to GO with FIREFOX".
-consider the inside of the lids of some inscriptions "smoking and FIRE is STRICTLY PROHIBITED '
If you comply with the safeguards above the Chambers of accumulators and annexes shall be framed in terms of the danger of fire in electric category of gym without oil or other combustible materials.
Otherwise these rooms fit into the category of danger of fire and explosion.

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