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Special conditions and fire prevention


In sections halls of categories C, D or E of the danger of fire, the space created between slabs of concrete beams by close to a suspended ceiling lower fuel treated with flame retardants can be used to enter or venting or ventilation required heating rooms provided to ensure prevent propagation of fire, hot gases and smoke from one level to another.
Another condition is the interruption of sections of uninterrupted operation in case of fire.
Switching channels ventilation pipe, fuel gas or electric circuits is prohibited.
Ventilation channels which carry air laden with dust, vapors or combustible or flammable gases will be performed by taking special measures for sealing the joints.
Ventilation ducts will not pass through the floors of the building one floor to another through rooms containing combustible materials, with situations where these facilities serve exeptia rooms in question.
Ventilation ducts passing through fire compartment elements, which constitute an exception is allowed only if they take the following measures:

Ventilation channels crossing portion is performed only on non-combustible materials, combustible section will have a length at least equal to the thickness traversed element, plus many 500mmde one of its sides.
Gap around the channel will close tightly to prevent fuel passing gas and dust hazardous areas in neighboring rooms, ensuring a fire resistance of elements equal to the tight closure element crossed.
Switching channels air through the fire wall is avoiding the displacement of portions of the wall after expansion channels.
Inside the air channels in the right passing through the fire wall will also provide fire dampers.

Counterweight tabs

Counterweight valves is mounted in air ducts in case you wish to prevent diffusion through the ventilation duct gas, noxious, flammable or explosive, and then latches that are mounted oresc installations.
So in other words, fire dampers are designed to prevent fire propagation channel air from one room to another, from one medium to another.
These valves are installed in piping so that fuse to be washed and air flow under the speed down in their approval.
Disturbance to air flow must not confuse how air washer fuse element. Fusible elements shall be accompanied by certificates issued by the manufacturer on the melting temperature. Temperature fuse triggering fire damper will be higher by at least 20 ° C temperature regime from inside the air duct. After installation of fire valves before commissioning the plant is controlling the working of automatic shut-off bodies, by simulating conditions that may cause closure. Fire dampers installed in equipment that circulated air loaded with particles will be provided with means for periodic cleaning of the fusible element of Dust.

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