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Equipment for stationary lead-acid accumulators

Chapter I
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Not considered in categories A and B fire hazard rooms where leakage and emissions of gas, vapor or dust are in amounts that can not form mixtures with air explosive.In such situations, the rooms are included in category C, D or E as appropriate depending on the danger of fire. Setting fire hazard category for construction and installation shall be in accordance with fire protection regulations in force. Lead batteries can be installed in the same room with alkaline batteries. Individual batteries and batteries with nominal voltage less than or equal to 48 V can be installed in industrial production rooms without danger of explosion, ventilation ensure replacement of at least 3 times per hour of free volume of air contained in the box that is resistant the action of the electrolyte. Will be well-ventilated room with windows to the outside on at least one wall, and its volume is at least free 2.3 times the flow of air time would be required for natural ventilation. In the box-type elements are closed in a compulsory. The box will allow removal of batteries and electrolitului since it has input and output channels to air for ventilation. Loading, plus it is not done in this room, but in a separate entrance, above. It is prohibited to pass through rooms of accumulators pipeline fluid pressure except those required for the installation of heating, .Do not compartmentalize ceiling camera batteries through separate beams. If this is not possible to provide ventilation of each compartment. Luminaires will find at a distance of at least 1 m box. If this distance is not respected, it will use lighting-proof. Luminaires should be placed only on top of access corridors between strings of batteries, and will allow an easy access. Electrical installations of the rooms and the anteroom, accumulators in landfills electrolyte will be wet and corrosive environment correspondent. Will not be placed inside the list box intrerupatoare, prize or other elements that may cause arcing.Room for batteries must be permanently ventilated regardless if the batteries are still in the loading, unloading or in sleep.
Ventilatia has two purposes:
-diluting the mixture of hydrogen, for the Elimination of the danger of explosion
-dilution in the air degajarilor of electrolyte to harm these substances for service personnel.The mixture of hydrogen in air is explosive if contains between 2.4 ÷ 75% hydrogen (in volume) auto-ignition temperature of 500 ° c.
The maximum concentration of admisibila, sulphuric acid and alkali hydroxides sulfurica carbon in the air is 1 mg/m3 air.
: This limit will not be outdated, if you ensure the airflow required for diluting the mixture of hydrogen and degajarilor of electrolyte in the air.Q air flow required for ventilation result from relationship:
Q = 55x 10-3 x n x I max ( m3 /h ) where n : the number of elements of battery box
I max : is the maximum current that can be charged by loading source and having regard to the protection of source routing.
Usually natural-ventilatia will be organized. If ventilatia is not natural enough-organized, mechanical ventilation shall be provided.
.Ventilatia natural must ensure sufficient flow to the periods of loading, unloading and rest.
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