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Execution of welded joints

Welding materials
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• Contractor or subcontractors to perform the verification documentation is required welded joints produced by the designer in terms of:
 The accuracy rates, the number of parts and elements contained in the overall plans, detail.
 Quality requirements in the specifications for construction execution category.
 Errors and inconsistencies do not affect the strength and stability of the building will be operated by the executive and communicated proiectantului.In its responsibility if new significant defects that involve changes in solution and restoration of parts of the documentation, it will be returned to the beneficiary and site preparation will be charged.

Technological content of the documentation of execution of welded construction
Unit executed welded joints is required to draw up a technical documentation for construction of the building, without which no production will be introduced in any order and must contain at least the following hold:

1. Brand and grade of steel, including additional conditions as required by the designer or homologated welding technology.
2. Cutting operations and processing of rolled parts with an indication of their class of quality taieturilor quality and conditions:
3: Parts assembly operations
 collation order
 Provisional attachment
 Keep any malfunctions
 welding parameters according to approved technologies.
 prevent State efforts remain
 Tolerantelor insurance required
4. Final operations and processing of thermal treatment of welded in order detensionarii mix
5. Grade for each type of welded joint
6,:Control on phase and final and containing
 How to check during production of the technology of welding approvals
 Non-destructive testing plan (policy, methods used, the percentages)
7. Cheating on tests of welded joints in steels and
8. Documentation about corrosion rpotectie mode, handling, storage and transport.
9. To e used as templates for parts with complex geometry, marked lanes.
Documentation for welded joints of classes 4 and 5 that can be executed without the technologies approved, will contain the data specified above with the exception of the welding parameters according to the approved technology that will replace with the following data:

o Welding process
o Welding materials
o Sketch the shape and dimensions of the joint
o Ordinea welding
o Welding position
o Welding procedure
o Number of layers
o Tehnologie Assembly
o The order of the phases of Assembly

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