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Welding of pipelines

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Pipe welding technology will be developed on the basis of approved welding procedures in accordance with technical provisions CR 7/I-2003 ISCIR collection. Pipe sections focuses on interim weld welding points on the entire route, so that misalignment measured at breast duct surface u exceed 10% of pipe wall thickness. Surfaces that are to be welded are clean before execution in accordance with technology, to ensure proper quality welded joints. The geometry and dimensions comply with joints welded joint according to STAS 6726-85, replaced by EN ISO 9692-2000, EN 29692-94, replaced by EN ISO 9692-I2004, STAS 8456-69. In making use bevel joints or in case of execution on site to draw lines and cut using templates. To remove burr grinders are used to high speed with abrasive discs will create conditions bevel.
. Three layers are welded intermediate grinding using appropriate electrodes sizes 2.5, 3.5, 4, and quality.
Welding is performed at ambient temperature of at least 0 º C ÷ 5 º C and after the needles to check the process OMO, Ogata welding pipe is properly qualitatively probandu is the base material and filler are those of sheet approved and their quality certificates.
Grade III of the weld will be required to use certified welders according to the technical prescriptions ISCIR C10 / 1 ÷ 2 / 2003. Welds position to end joints or pipes are made only after the pipeline which combines portions there are at least 4 hours at room temperature. Minimum distance between two consecutive welding cords should not be less than 50 mm.
Filler material used for welding must be so chosen to fit the material and process of welding seam welded to ensure the same chemical composition and the same mechanical properties as the pipe material. Welding filler material used will be accompanied by ciliated bulletin issued by the manufacturer and corresponds in terms of technical requirements, rules for checking the quality, labeling, delivery and documents are provided in ISCIR prescriptions. Storage electrode is in a dry location away from moisture, and is forbidden wet welding electrodes. Shall be equipped with workstations and storage kilns electrodes by electrodes during the execution welders weld metal is encapsulated in sheaths. After welding filler material will be compact, will not be porous, no breaks or cracks along the welded seam, Welder welded joints are punched by the punching them with the sign carried by welders, issued by ISCIR.

Checking welds is made by:

• external examination
• Destructive testing
• Non-destructive examination
• Attempt to pressure hydraulics under ISCIR presriptiilor ÷ 2 C10/1/2003.

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